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About The Real Estate Co., Llc

Our licensed agents value honesty, collaboration, efficiency and customer service. As a result, we take immense pride in everything we do, and will be there for you every step of the process.

We understand that buying or selling your home is serious business. Our expert agents are the face of The Real Estate Co., Llc.  They are dedicated to meeting all your property needs. Find the perfect expert for you today. Click here to see articles about us.: 

Our Team

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Donna Molina

I have over 18 years of experience being a real estate sales agent/broker . I bring my knowledge of buying and selling property along with my experience in helping with the entire process from financing,  negotiating deals, home inspections to closing attorneys.

I believe in customer service and treating my clients how I would want to be treated. I remember what it was like when I bought my first home through a Realtor. All the things they didn't tell me and things they should have done.  My clients are important to me and treat them accordingly.

I am a life long resident of South Ms and La. I moved to Pearl River County after I served in the U. S. Army. I have made the South my home and I am delighted to help others do the same. 

So call on me to give you the customer service, help and knowledge you need to buy or sell real estate. I am licensed in MS and LA.

Cell: 601-590-1246

Office: 601-590-1246


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Traci Spence
Sales Agent

I am passionate about helping others live their healthiest lives, for all of us to pour from a full cup. And my passion for a healthy life ties right into my role as a real estate professional. I believe that you should love the house you are in, and that it should love you back. By loving you back, I mean it should fit your lifestyle.


Who am I best suited to help?

First time home buyers...

I've been there. I know that it can be overwhelming and intimidating, and sometimes it's easy to bite off more than you can chew. 


First time home sellers...

Having sold my first home as well, I know the emotional ties that can come with it. For me, it was a necessary step to support our goals as a family and to live financially healthier.  


Either way, I want to help you make wise decisions that fit your lifestyle, so that you can live in your house, and live outside of it, too. Whether you are just starting out, or maybe starting over--let me help you take those steps. Give me a call for a no obligation consultation. 

Cell: 601-299-1301


    Myths about Real Estate

    1. "We make a lot of money doing nothing." Truth: We spend hours Working for FREE*. When we meet with clients, we discuss what they want (buying or selling), we spend hours trolling through properties to find what they are looking for, or comps for selling their home. We spend hours either previewing or showing the clients properties they are interested in. We sometimes spend months trying to find them the right house/property at the right price. We spend our money advertising a property we have listed, open houses, food, door prizes, ads, signs, etc. to market the property. If the client never purchases any property or the listing doesn't sell, We have "Worked for FREE". We only get paid when we are sitting across each other at a closing table. Then and only then do we get paid for all the work we have done. If you skip to another sales agent (because of impatience, or you drove by & called the agent on the sign instead of me-I've been showing you houses/properties for weeks or even months- and the other agent show you that one and sells it to you..... We have worked for FREE). 


    2. "It's all about the Money." Truth: For us it's not all about the money, because we believe in true customer service. We treat our clients like we would want to be treated through the process. We are here to help in any way we can. We have been there for the clients to help the buying and selling process from beginning to end. We have worked for months for a client only to make a few hundred dollars on the sale because they were on a limited budget and it took that long to find him the best deal they could afford.

    3. One of the biggest mistakes buyers make is thinking they can only call the listing agent to get information or make an appointment to view a property. Not true! We can show you ANY LISTING by ANY COMPANY. We can even talk to "For Sale By Owners" and help you purchase their home too! 


    *"Working for Free" means that if you don't purchase a property or sell a property through us as your agents, then we do not get paid. Therefore, we have done all our work for "free". Agents do not have salaries. We work purely on commission. We work for weeks, months and sometimes years for a client to help them find the right property. 

    Call us to help with you any Real Estate need. 

    ** if the FSBO is willing to work with a Realtor.

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