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Traci Spence Reviews

First Time home Buyers with Traci

Traci was a great agent! I cannot express enough accommodating and considerate she was. We were first time home buyers less than a year out of college. We lived in an apartment, and were not very picky. All we wanted was a 3br 2b house with yard space for the dogs. We both work some early/late hours and Traci was always available for texts she responded quickly and was very diligent with communicating between sellers and their realtors. We sent her SO MANY houses from Zillow and Since gave us insight on what types of houses might be approved by our loan type and distances between our jobs. There was one day where we went and saw at least seven houses. Even at the end when she knew I was stressed with getting documents together for the (not as considerate) lender, she was always asking me to let her know if I needed anything. Even after we bought the house we texted her with questions and she even answered a call very late at night because we were having issues with the hot water heater. All in all she stayed unbiased towards the houses that we liked and never discouraged us from looking at a house unless there was a real reason not to. I hope that we can use her as an agent again when we are ready to sell this house. Thank you so much Traci!

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